About Us

Michigan Interface, Inc. (MII), an information technology solution provider company
established in 1970, specializes in
enabling information accessibility through
hardware, software, system interfaces and other computer-related services.
As such,
MII serves as a
n interface bridge for our clients, from problems to solutions, from
requirements to fulfillments, from component parts to integrated systems.

Empowered with strong and broad technical background enhanced through
continuing technological upgrades, resourcefulness, willingness to go the extra
mile and the pride to produce quality products and services, our seasoned
management and technical team serve our clients by effective blending of these
attributes in attaining the best possible solutions for all projects. Through
consistent demonstration of these attributes resulting in exceed-expectation
performances, MII continues to earn confidence and trust from its clients since its
in 1970.

We serve the Federal agency and other public agency clients through contract
awards resulting from open competitions and private sector clients through orders
resulting from sale quotations.

Michigan Interface is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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